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2021-04-21 20:15:00

Coin Snacks with Jack features new American Silver Eagle artist Emily Damstra

In this week’s episode of Coin Snacks with Jack, Rare Collectibles TV host and coin buyer Jack McNamara welcomed Emily Damstra to speak about her 2021 Type 2 American Silver Eagle design live on YouTube. Each new episode of Coin Snacks with Jack will go live on YouTube every Wednesday at 3PM EST/Noon PST and feature special topics and informative interviews.  

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2021-03-29 16:19:00

Welcome to West Point: Looking Back at the U.S. Mint’s Most Recent Branch

Though the West Point Mint is now the United States’ primary bullion coin manufacturer, this was not always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until decades after West Point opened its doors that it began striking coins.

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2020-09-10 19:36:00

Ask a Numismatist - Modern Coin Tips

We often receive questions from fellow numismatists. This week, Rare Collectibles TV received a question from our customer, Ronnie, who wrote:

“I wanted to know if you could list some modern coinage that is rare, has future potential, and that is affordable to the average coin collector. Could you send me that list? Thank you!”

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2020-08-13 12:00:00

Coronavirus slows West Point Mint up to 18 months

Recent complications due to the coronavirus have slowed production at the West Point Mint, causing the volume of silver and gold coins minted to shrink. Recent reporting from Bloomberg reveals that coin production will be slowed for up to a year and a half. 

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2020-07-09 11:55:00

35th Anniversary of the Liberty Coin Act: The Birth of the American Silver Eagle

One of the most popular and well-regarded coins, the American Silver Eagle, only exists today thanks to the Liberty Coin Act, which was passed on this day in 1985. 

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2020-07-01 12:56:00