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James' Gems
Set of 3: 2017 - 2019 American Silver Eagles MS69
The American Silver Eagle series began in 1985, when President Ronald Reagan signed the Liberty Coin Act into law ...
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PACT Coin of the Week
1786 Vermont Landscape Copper NGC XF40BN
The 1786 Vermont Landscape copper was struck by the Vermont Republic before joining the union. One of ...
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Numismatic News
Happy 75th Birthday to The Roosevelt Dime
While the dime may be the smallest circulating coin in the United States, its significance certainly looms large ...
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Hall of Fame
1793-P Flowing Hair Chain Cent PCGS XF40
The Flowing Hair Chain Cent, designed by Henry Voight, was minted in 1793. In 1793, the Philadelphia Mint struck ...
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