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Private Advisory Coin Team

Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team (PACT) was created to understand your individual numismatic goals and give you a personalized relationship that is centered solely around your dream collection. We take away the difficulty of locating specific coins and negotiating with stubborn dealers. Once your dream coin is located, we are dedicated to providing you with information about your coin’s history, absolute, and conditional rarity. Afterall, we believe that coin collecting should always be an enlightening and educational experience. We are waiting at the phone ready to provide you with the service that you and your collection deserve, and it is all completely free!


Each collector has their own unique dream when it comes to their personal numismatic collection. With so many different visions of what a “perfect collection” can consist of, Rick and Jack’s television show may not always be offering the specific coin you have been searching for. Not only do you expect the high-quality coins that Rick and Jack have acquired through their extensive numismatic network, you also deserve service of equal value. Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team (PACT) was created to understand your personal numismatic goals and convert them into a reality. By calling to speak one-on-one with a PACT Advisor, you will experience a deeper, more personalized relationship that is centered exclusively around the needs of your dream collection.


Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team acts as your personal coin concierge. We take away the difficulty of locating rare coins and the challenge of negotiating with hard-to-find dealers so that you can focus solely on your numismatic vision. Whether you are just beginning your journey into numismatics or are a seasoned veteran, our team of Private Advisors is at the phone happily ready to speak with you one-on-one. When speaking with one of our Advisors, your numismatic needs always come first, whether you are asking a simple question or are requesting that we find you the rarest of coins. It does not matter whether your budget is $500 or $100,000, you are always guaranteed a free consultation with a dedicated Advisor whose goal is to find you the hand-picked coins that you and your collection deserve.

What Can PACT Do For You?


Finding that perfect coin you have been looking for is rewarding, but numismatics can also be a journey into the history of our great country. Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team does not just find you the coin you are looking for, but we also provide you with any numismatic information you desire. Whether you would like to learn about a coin’s historical background or about a coin’s conditional or absolute rarity, you will always have a Private Advisor available to guide you along the way. We deeply believe building a numismatic collection should also be an enlightening educational experience.


As a stalwart member of the professional numismatic community, Rare Collectibles TV guarantees that we will be here to solve your problems, answer your questions and attempt to fulfill any numismatic wish you may have. As your professional coin concierge, we won’t settle for anything less than an entirely satisfied customer. You are entitled to the best possible buying experience available and our Private Advisory Coin Team is devoted to making that fact a reality. To talk directly with one of Rick and Jack’s Private Advisors, simply call (800) 778-0624. Again, there is no obligation and you will be absolutely delighted with your Private Advisory Coin Team experience.