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Private Advisory Coin Team

Advising Collectors on Numismatics and Helping Find Their Dream Coins


Every collector has a different ideal when it comes to the coin of their dreams. With so many different visions of what a “dream coin” can mean, Rick’s U.S. Coin Show may not always be offering the specific coin you have been searching for. Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team (PACT) was created to understand your personal numismatic goals and convert them into a reality by offering you high-grade numismatic rarities that you cannot find anywhere else. By calling to speak one-on-one with a PACT Advisor, you will experience a personalized relationship that is centered exclusively around your numismatic needs. The best part is that this service is completely obligation free and requires no payment or purchase, just call 1-800-778-0624

Simply call 800-778-0624 to speak directly to our Private Advisor

Founded by Rick Tomaska & Jack McNamara
    Rick Tomaska
    Award winning author & numismatic scholar
    Jack McNamara
    Senior coin buyer at Rare Collectibles TV


We take away the difficulty of locating rare coins and the challenge of negotiating with hard-to-find dealers so that you can focus solely on your numismatic vision. Not sure what direction to take your collection in? Our team is vigilantly searching for stunning coins and offering exclusive specials. Whether you are just beginning your journey into numismatics or are a seasoned veteran building your legacy collection, our team of Private Advisors is at the phone ready to assist you. Just give Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team a call at 1-800-778-0624.

Want Access to Unlimited Coin Information?

Finding that perfect coin you have been looking for is rewarding, but numismatics can also be a journey into the history of our great country and the world. Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team vows to provide you with any numismatic information that you desire. Whether you would like to learn about a coin’s historical background or about a coin’s condition and absolute rarity, you will always have a Private Advisor available to guide you along the way. Just give Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team a call at 1-800-778-0624.

What Can PACT Do For You?


As a stalwart member of the numismatic community, Rare Collectibles TV guarantees that we will be here to solve your problems and answer your questions. We will not settle for anything less than an entirely satisfied customer. You deserve the best buying experience available, and our Private Advisory Coin Team is devoted to making that a reality. And remember that our service is completely free, so you have nothing to lose. Just give Rick and Jack’s Private Advisory Coin Team a call at 1-800-778-0624.

Want Access to Unlimited Coin Information?



    My Private Advisor, Ash H, is a pleasure to work with. He stays tuned in to the things that I am focusing on and also keeps me informed of interesting opportunities that may fit. He is always responsive to requests to help me manage my collection and we maintain an active and constructive dialogue around what may, or may not, make sense. He is patient, a good listener, and does a great job of helping me to advance my knowledge.

    Mr. Thomas N.
    Dallas, TX

    Mike T was assigned to me as a Private Advisor for Rare Collectibles TV. I am pleased with his knowledge, resources, and support. Mike always responds in a timely manner to my myriad of requests for coin images, populations, possible alternate coins, and other questions. The number of purchases made during our short relationship is my testimony to him and to the high quality of RCTV products and customer service. I look forward to working with Mike and making future numismatic investments...(click to view)

    Mr. Kent A.
    Murphys, CA

    I had some difficulty with the mail and a mix up. Got it all straightened out with my Private Advisor Mary Ann and I am one happy customer.

    Mr. John C.
    Whitehall, MT

    My personal coin advisor Amber is such a pleasure to work with, she understands that I'm a new collector and takes the time to explain each and every coin to me in depth. She always answers my calls and emails and never pressures me to buy anything. If it wasn't for her I may have made some bad choices for my collection. She is awesome!

    Mr. Mark H.
    Alexandria, VA

    I’ve been buying coins from Ash H. for the last 3 years. His service is great. His work ethic is super. I am super pleased with the way he and Rare Collectibles TV has treated me.

    Mr Jack S.
    Miami, FL

    I started coin collecting by watching Rick's US Coin show on Rare Collectibles TV. The incredible knowledge shared by Rick, Jack and James in their coin presentations in the areas of coin history, mintages, price comparisons, Condition Rarity and Absolute Rarity is invaluable to a beginning coin collector like me. In addition, and at no additional cost to me, I have been able to establish a relationship with Mike T. of the Private Advisory Coin Team. Mike provides me with in-depth information...(click to view)

    Mr. Eric T.
    Woodbury, MN

    Just want to thank you for all your expertise on helping a new customer starting up with their collection. I have been watching Rare Collectibles TV & Rick’s US Coin Show for a while and again I want to say “thanks” to you. I am very satisfied with all your help and will continue building my collection with your help in the future.

    Mr. Bill V.
    Hollywood, FL

    In 15 short months, I have gone from a vague interest in coins, to having a collection that I’m truly proud of. Adding to my delight, this was achieved within a very reasonable budget. I can attribute this to the RCTV Private Advisory Coin Team (PACT), specifically to my advisor, Cameron. He has given me great advice and taught me how to select coins that catch my imagination with their stories, while, at the same time, finding truly affordable coins of great intrinsic value. I hasten to add...(click to view)

    Mr. Ben O.
    Grand Valley, PA

    I wanted to send a note recognizing the superb customer service received from a member of Rare Collectibles TV’s Private Advisory Coin Team. Mike T. is my client advisor and he has been terrific with every transaction that I’ve had. More than just simple and quick transactions, Mike puts his personal touch into each communication and conversation, and I’ve learned to rely on his expertise with my numismatic buying decisions. Mike has a good grasp of what I look for and has provided great...(click to view)

    Mr. Edwin P.
    Alpharetta, GA

    I have been interested in coin collecting for years. However due to life happenings I have not made any purchases for the last 30 years. Until I saw a coin collecting presentation on Rare Collectibles TV. When I called, to follow up on the Morgan Silver Dollar and St Gaudens Gold double eagle, I was connected to Jim T. Jim took the time to give me all the information I asked about these coins. He was very knowledgeable about coins and took the time to explain how to collect for beauty and...(click to view)

    Dr. Dwight H.
    Starkville, MS

    I have always been interested the California gold rush and the history behind it. About 25 years ago I was watching a night coin show on TV. They were offering a 1888 no-grade American Gold Double Eagle for sale. I had always wanted one, so I bought it. I have been really happy with this coin over the years. About a year and a half ago I was watching your Rare Collectables TV show and got interested in buying a few more coins that were displayed on your show. One Day I got a call from you and...(click to view)

    Maj Russell T.
    Portland, OR

    I am relatively new to the coin collecting hobby and was weary of making purchases. Ash H. would always answer my questions honestly and would always give me the answers to my questions, even if the questions were not about the coins he was offering to me. I find him to be honest and he himself has a true passion for coin collecting. I consider him to be my personal advisor for coin collecting and will definitely purchase through him again.

    Ms. Leah U
    Oak Park, IL



Simply call 800-778-0624 to speak directly to our Private Advisor