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2021-03-29 16:19:00

Welcome to West Point: Looking Back at the U.S. Mint’s Most Recent Branch

Though the West Point Mint is now the United States’ primary bullion coin manufacturer, this was not always the case. In fact, it wasn’t until decades after West Point opened its doors that it began striking coins.

Posted in: News, News
2020-06-25 09:00:00

36th Anniversary of the First Modern Gold Coin

Exactly 36 years ago, on June 25, 1984, the United States Mint did something that had not been done in America for 51 years: they struck a gold coin. This 51-year hiatus of American gold began when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed Executive Order 6102 in 1933. This Executive Order banned personal ownership of gold and mandated that all Americans turn in their gold to be melted down in hopes of restoring the American economy during the Great Depression