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About Rare Collectibles TV


Your collection is what matters most. It is with this core belief in mind that Rare Collectibles TV was founded in 2014. Based in California, our team works tirelessly with our numismatic network in order to ensure that you receive only the highest caliber coins, regardless of your location. Our passion for numismatics goes beyond supplying you with high quality, valuable coins. We also understand that every collection weaves a unique story to tell, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with all educational information that relates to your collection.


Our service is providing the perfect coin for you! Our dedicated team of numismatists work tirelessly to provide you only the highest quality coins. Our mission is to collaborate with you so that we can curate your personal dream collection with the most eye appealing coins available on the market.


We believe that the most crucial component to every collection is its historical value. That is why we approach every numismatic collection as a significant learning experience. Every coin you receive from Rare Collectibles TV’s vast selection has been inspected and approved by our experts as an authentic numismatic treasure. Once you have shown interest in a coin, it is our goal to provide you with as much significant information about that coin’s background and story as possible. After all, a collection can never be complete without both numismatic value and historical knowledge.

Our Approach


Rare Collectibles TV is the dream of two lifelong numismatists, Rick Tomaska and Jack McNamara. As children these two men began their journey into the world of coin collecting and have never looked back. In order to bring his expertise to the community, Rick began his first business in 1981. Shortly after that, he made his impact on the numismatic world with his books on Cameo coins and Franklin & Kennedy Half Dollars. Jack's interest in numismatics runs in the family, dating all the way back to his great grandfather who was a coin dealer in the 1800s. The hobby was passed down all the way until it reached Jack, who became one of the country's top coin buyers at the legendary Stack's auction house. In 2014, Rick and Jack came together to create Rare Collectibles TV. Now they work tirelessly in order to pass high quality coins at great values to collectors across the country.


Our story


Rick’s U.S. Coin Show, hosted by Rick Tomaska, Jack McNamara, and James Gerstel, was created to offer you the finest handpicked coins while informing you about everything numismatic. Rick, Jack, and James work around the clock to put these entertaining and educational presentations together for you. Afterall, they believe that the best client is one who is an expert themselves.

Rick’s U.S. Coin Show