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2023-01-03 21:00:00

The First Silver Dollar of the Americas: Cob Pieces of Eight

In American history, no other coin has reached such an esteemed place in the pantheon of numismatics as the Silver Dollar. But what inspired our Founding Fathers to use this specific denomination and metal?

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2022-07-11 18:00:00

The 1885 Trade Dollar: A Great Numismatic Mystery

Few coins have cemented themselves as true legends in the lore of American numismatics. Coins like the 1907 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, and 1894-S Barber Dime are ubiquitous, telling intricate tales that we have listened to with stars in our eyes. After all, there are only a handful of each of these coins produced, and the reasons they exist range from inspirational to nefarious. The 1885 Trade Dollar is a coin that should be immortalized just like any of these other legends, yet we don’t often hear its mysterious story.

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2022-05-09 18:00:00

Everything You Need to Know about New Orleans Morgan Dollars

The Morgan Dollar is the most popularly collected and arguably the most beloved coin series in American history. Every Morgan Dollar has a story to tell, and today we will focus on the story of those struck at the New Orleans Mint. Every year from 1879 until the series’ retirement in 1904, a Morgan Dollar issue bore the iconic New Orleans “O” mintmark. Today, those issues are some truly exciting pieces for collectors to acquire.

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2022-04-18 16:00:00

"The Last Carson City Morgan Dollar": How the "CC" Mintmark Returned

The Carson City Mint only struck silver Morgan Dollars for a span of 13 years from 1878 to 1893. Due to this limited run, Morgan Dollars with the illustrious “CC” mintmark are a favorite among numismatists. Devoted Carson City collectors also seek out a rare error variety produced in 1900, sometimes referred to as "the Last Carson City Morgan Dollar."

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2022-04-11 18:00:00

How Dwight Eisenhower’s Legacy was Carried on in Silver

It is generally believed that silver was removed from United States coinage following Acts of Congress in the 1960s and 1970s. While this is mostly true, many are surprised to learn that select proof Eisenhower Dollars were still struck from silver from 1971 until 1976. The Mint’s decision to continue striking proof Ike Dollars from silver is rooted in a sentimental story that involves heartfelt advocacy from the former president’s wife and colleagues in Washington, D.C.

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2022-03-28 18:00:00

Teresa de Francisci: From Young Immigrant to Young Liberty

One of the most striking and unique depictions of Liberty comes from Anthony de Francisci’s Peace Dollar obverse. Between the sharp crown, the full lips, and the flowing hair, this image of Liberty is quite memorable and the inspiration for her came from someone very close to the designer, his wife Teresa de Francisci.

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2022-03-07 18:00:00

Everything You Need to Know about Carson City Morgan Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar is the most collected coin in the history of American numismatics, and those struck at the Carson City Mint have always been the most desirable issues of the series. Although the Comstock Lode, the first major silver ore discovery in the United States, occurred just a stone’s throw away from Carson City, only a small percentage of Morgan Dollars ever bore the “CC” mintmark. From their limited availability to their connection with the American Wild Western Frontier, these coins have left collectors clamoring for well over a century. This article will equip you with all you need to know about Carson City Morgan Dollars before building your very own collection. 

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2022-02-28 18:00:00

The Not-So-Bland Act That Made the Morgan Dollar 

While the Morgan Dollar was struck over a period of 40 years and became one of the most popular silver dollars struck by the U.S. Mint, it took Congress overriding a presidential veto to bring the design to life.  

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2021-10-11 18:35:00

Susan B. Anthony: A Woman Ahead of Her Time

On October 10, 1978, President Jimmy Carter authorized production of dollar coins displaying Susan B. Anthony’s portrait. When the coin was struck just months later, Anthony became the first female American citizen to appear on our coinage, adding to her extensive list of achievements.

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2021-10-04 20:10:00

Robert Scot: The Engraver That Started It All

Today, Rare Collectibles TV celebrates the birthday of Robert Scot, the first Chief Engraver of the United States Mint. For over thirty years, Scot’s work defined American coinage, laying the foundation for future coin engravers to follow.

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2021-08-30 15:14:00

The 1922 High Relief Peace Dollar: A Numismatic Legend

Introduced to the United States in 1921, the Peace Silver Dollar ushered in a new era of hope at a time when the world so desperately needed it. The Peace Dollar is today remembered as one of the most iconic coins in history, and the issue that stands above all others is the 1922 edition in high relief.

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2021-07-19 18:42:00

Silver Union: The History of the Trade Dollar

When it comes to American numismatics, there is no shortage of fascinating history behind the creations of the US Mint. There is, however, one particular coin that tells a story like no other coin ever produced: the Trade Dollar.

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2021-07-12 16:00:00

Buon Compleanno, Anthony de Francisci!

Today we celebrate the birthday of one of the most legendary coin designers in United States history: Anthony de Francisci. As his 1921 Peace Silver Dollar design was the very last of the Renaissance of American coinage, De Francisci is considered to have left a profound impact on our country’s coins.

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2021-06-28 17:00:00

The Legacy of the Groundbreaking Susan B. Anthony Dollar

Released just before America’s 203rd anniversary of becoming a nation, the Susan B. Anthony Dollar entered circulation on July 2, 1979. While the Eisenhower Dollar had been struck since 1971, its large size made it cumbersome to carry around. A study done by the Treasury Department showed that a smaller dollar coin replacing half of the paper dollars produced could save over $19 million in production costs. With all that in mind, the U.S. Mint went to work.

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2021-05-25 19:15:00

Brand-New 2021 CC and O Morgans Sold Out From Mint Website

Within 20 minutes, the brand-new 2021 Morgan Dollars with New Orleans and Carson City privy marks sold out from the U.S. Mint’s website.

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2021-04-26 16:54:00

The Origin of the Pittman Act

On April 23rd, 1918, Congress enacted the Pittman Act, which oversaw the melting of nearly half of every Morgan Dollar ever struck. To this day, this remains one of the largest mass melts of coinage conducted by the U.S. Mint in history. To this number in perspective, if each of the 270,232,722 Morgan Dollars melted during this act were stacked on top of each other, they would form a tower over 400 miles high. Why was such a large portion of the Morgan Dollar series destroyed in this manner? Like other coin melts, the answer lies with the current events of the time.

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2021-04-26 15:12:00

Early Pattern 1794 Silver Dollar Sold for $840k - Daily Mail

An historic copper-version of the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, dated 1794, was sold for $840,000 on Friday, April 23, shocking the previous owner.