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1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS67

2023-11-29 22:49:00
1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS67

1941-S Walking Liberty Half Dollar NGC MS67

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  • Mintage: 8,098,000
  • NGC Population: 53/0
  • NGC Price Guide: $15,000
  • None numerically finer through either service.
  • The record price for this date took place in 2006, when another MS67 example sold for $90,850.
  • Adolph Weinman’s Walking Liberty design is one of the most important masterpieces throughout United States coinage.
  • Not only was the design a byproduct of the Renaissance of American Coinage orchestrated by President Theodore Roosevelt but it was so beloved that it was later adopted on the one-dollar American Silver Eagle when it was first introduced in 1986!
  • When World War I first erupted in 1914, President Woodrow Wilson pledged neutrality, a position most Americans shared. This stance would be tested, as German forces continually sank American ships. Soon the public position of neutrality was dropped and opposition against Germany was expressed in large by American citizens
  • On the precipice of war, German born A.A. Weinman’s Walking Liberty design would represent the sentiment felt by the nation at this time, as a full figure Liberty is displayed in stride toward the dawn of a new day, draped in Stars and Stripes, while carrying branches of laurel and oak symbolizing civil and military prosperity.
  • Having been a student of Augustus Saint Gaudens himself, it’s no surprise that Weinman’s Walking Liberty Half Dollar’s patriotic theme resonated so strongly with American citizens, receiving immediate praise.
  • The Walking Liberty Half Dollar was struck from 1916 through 1947, at the Denver, San Francisco, and Philadelphia branch mints apart from several years in the 1920s and early ‘30s, in which no half dollars were produced due to demand being met by earlier issues.
  • During its glory days, the Walking Liberty Half Dollar had substantial purchasing power. One could use it to purchase a loaf of bread, quart of milk or even a dozen eggs in the 1930s, leading to less being required to fill the needs of Americans, especially as food prices plummeted during the Great Depression.
  • Since the design was widely admired these pieces were not only stashed away by traditional hobbyists but also non-collectors. They can often be found in grades up to Mint State 65 condition but become considerably difficult to locate in Superb Gem condition.
  • In fact, less than two-and-a-half percent of all examples graded by NGC exist today in MS67 or finer condition. Between NGC & PCGS fewer than 500 pieces have graded MS68 and only a single MS69 example is known.