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2016-W Gold Mercury Dime PCGS/NGC SP70

2020-05-14 23:04:00
2016-W Gold Mercury Dime PCGS/NGC SP70
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2016-W Gold Mercury Dime PCGS/NGC SP70


More About the 2016-W Gold Commemorative Mercury Dime in SP70!

Struck to commemorate the centennial anniversary of Adolph A. Weinman’s illustrious Mercury Dime design is this 2016-W 1/10oz gold Mercury Dime graded SP70. This limited edition Mercury Dime is the first to ever be struck from 1/10oz of 99.9% fine gold. Originally part of the Gold Centennial Commemorative set, this Mercury Dime has a mintage of 125,000, which is the lowest mintage of all Mercury Dimes ever minted!

With both the Walking Liberty Half Dollar and the Mercury Dime under his belt, Adolph A. Weinman was one of the largest contributors to the American Coin Renaissance. As a pupil to the legendary sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, it is no surprise that Adolph A. Weinman designed two of the most beautiful coins to be struck in American history.

The Mercury Dime, or Winged Liberty Head Dime, received its name due to the obverse image, which depicts Lady Liberty wearing a cap crowned by wings. Since the winged cap was often associated with the Roman God Mercury, many people began calling this dime the Mercury Dime instead of its proper name. The reverse of this coin depicts a Roman Fasces surrounded by olive branches, which together symbolize unity and peace. The original production of the Mercury Dime began in 1916 and ended thirty years later, in 1945. Add this limited mintage coin to your collection for the low price of only $399!