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2022-09-26 18:00:00

The Tale of Josh Tatum and His 1883 Racketeer Nickel

In numismatics, there are several factors that could draw a collector to a particular coin. Some of the most popular coins in US history are those with an interesting story. The 1883 “Racketeer Nickel” is the prime example of an iconic coin whose popularity stems from its wild origin tale.

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2022-09-19 17:00:00

Early American Gold: The Journey from Coinage Act to Actual Coinage

Before the United States had struck the world-renowned Saint-Gaudens and Liberty Head Gold coinage, America relied on gold coins struck in other countries such as the Spanish eight escudos. The idea of using foreign coinage in our new country did not sit well with our Founding Fathers as they believed that no country can be independent without its own monetary system. As a result, our first President George Washington signed the Coinage Act of 1792.

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2022-09-15 20:00:00

Collector Pays $2+ Million for 62-Pound “Johnny Carson” Gold Bar 

(Los Angeles, California) September 13, 2022 – A collector of California Gold Rush artifacts has paid more than $2 million for a historic 62-pound gold bar recovered from the 1857 sinking of the fabled “Ship of Gold,” the S.S. Central America 

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2022-09-12 18:00:00

The 1909-S VDB Cent: A Tale Synonymous with US Coinage

In every field of collecting, there is a titan that reigns supreme as the most iconic figure. In baseball card collecting, no card is more iconic than the T206 Honus Wagner. To stamp collectors, nothing matches the luster of the 1856 British Guiana One-Cent Magenta. In numismatics, the supreme figure is the 1909-S VDB Lincoln Cent.

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2022-09-06 16:00:00

Christian Gobrecht: The First Prolific US Coin Designer

One of the earliest and most prolific designers in the history of the US Mint is Christian Gobrecht, who served as the third Chief Engraver and was responsible for placing designs on a dozen coins which lasted long beyond his tenure.

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2022-08-29 17:00:00

Eight Essential Error Coin Varieties

Since the dawn of coin collecting, error coins have gained some of the highest praise in the hobby. There are eight different major error varieties you may encounter on your collecting journey. Any of these errors can warrant a handsome premium, so it is incredibly useful to be able to spot one when you see it.

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2022-08-22 17:00:00

Comparing Ancient Coinage to Modern Manufacture: Hammered, Cast, and Punched Coins

Over the past 230 years, the US Mint has vastly improved its methods of producing coins. But even the technology from 1790 was vastly different from the earliest days of coin manufacturing. Early civilizations, like the Ancient Greeks and China during the Qin Dynasty, struck coins using methods that are no longer used today for circulating currency.

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2022-08-15 17:00:00

Ladies of Liberty: Elsie Stevens and the Mercury Dime

The Winged Liberty Head Dime, more commonly known as the Mercury Dime, has many controversies around its design. For one, the obverse is meant to depict Lady Liberty, not the Roman God of Travel Mercury, despite the winged cap they have in common. The second and more mysterious controversy is whether the model for Liberty was the American Venus herself, Audrey Munson, or the wife of a Pulitzer Prize winning poet.

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2022-08-08 17:13:00

The Stories Behind James B. Longacre’s Prolific Works

Few have left an impact on American coinage like that of James Barton Longacre. Best known for serving as the fourth Chief Engraver of the United States Mint from 1844 until his passing in 1869, Longacre also has an impressive resume of incredible coins he gave our country, including the Liberty Head Gold Double Eagle. Longacre practically performed a complete overhaul of US coinage, and here is a chance to learn about the coins he brought to life.

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2022-08-01 15:00:00

The Influence of Jean-Antoine Houdon: The Sculptor of Founding Fathers

When researching American coinage, the name Jean-Antoine Houdon appears several times as inspiration for the designs featured on the Jefferson Nickel, Franklin Half Dollar, and the Washington Quarter. But who was Houdon and why was he so influential among Founding Fathers? 

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2022-07-25 21:03:00

America's First Gold Rush: Putting Southern Gold on the Map

While the term “gold rush” instantly evokes imagery of 49ers panning for gold dust in the sprawling hills of California, there have been a number of lesser-known gold discoveries to occur since America’s founding. From the Georgia Gold Rush of the southern Appalachian Mountains to the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush of Colorado, America’s story is rife with the rich history of gold. Despite each gold rush telling its own unique story, there is only one that can claim the title of the first in American history: the North Carolina Gold Rush of 1799.

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2022-07-18 17:00:00

Significant Pocket Change: Noteworthy Minor Coins

Nowadays, coin collectors get their start with coins like American Silver Eagles, acquired directly from the US Mint in near-perfect grades. The roots of this noble hobby started when we were kids looking through pocket change on an exhilarating treasure hunt where you didn't know what you'd find. These were coins that had been circulated and were harder to find in Mint State condition. To restore that grand tradition, we put together this list of a few of those coins that anyone can collect just by looking through their change!

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2022-07-11 18:00:00

The 1885 Trade Dollar: A Great Numismatic Mystery

Few coins have cemented themselves as true legends in the lore of American numismatics. Coins like the 1907 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, and 1894-S Barber Dime are ubiquitous, telling intricate tales that we have listened to with stars in our eyes. After all, there are only a handful of each of these coins produced, and the reasons they exist range from inspirational to nefarious. The 1885 Trade Dollar is a coin that should be immortalized just like any of these other legends, yet we don’t often hear its mysterious story.

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2022-07-04 14:00:00

An American National Treasure: The 1776 Continental Dollar

July 4, 1776 is the most important date in American history, as it marks when we, as a nation, adopted the Declaration of Independence. On this date, 246 years ago, we asserted to the world that we were not just a group of British colonies but instead, an independent nation. To honor the signing of the Declaration of Independence, Rare Collectibles TV would like to talk about one of the few American coins to display the year 1776.

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2022-06-27 17:00:00

From the Arts to the Stars: Women Honored on the Quarter in 2022 

From 2022 to 2025, the American Women Quarter series will honor 20 women who have had a massive impact on American life and culture. The five women who will grace the reverse of the quarter in 2022 have been revealed and include such luminaries as Maya Angelou, Sally Ride, Wilma Mankiller, Adelina Otero-Warren, and Anna May Wong. Each of these women have influenced American history in different ways. 

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2022-06-20 15:00:00

The Break in Proof Coinage: Special Mint Sets

From 1965 to 1967, the US Mint struck several issues of coins known as Special Mint Sets. Meant to substitute the demand for Proof issues, these fascinating coins were struck after a combination of specific circumstances occurred.

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2022-06-13 18:00:00

Notable Lincoln Cents: From Rare to Unique Issues

One cannot tell the complete story of American numismatics without mentioning the legend that was Victor David Brenner. Designing the Lincoln Cent during the Renaissance of American Coinage, his design went on to be the longest-running coin series in United States history. In honor of June 12, the 151st anniversary of Brenner’s birth, here are some of the most notable issues of his beloved Lincoln Cent.

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2022-06-06 16:00:00

The History and Rarity of Vintage Movie Posters

One of the most iconic pieces of film history is the movie poster. Designed to draw in audiences, these posters had to balance information with storytelling. Artists would hand-paint renditions of the actors in their iconic moments from the film, combining different elements to create something that evoked the same emotion as the film it was advertising. Collectors of vintage movie art, or movie posters, should be aware of the history of movie posters and how they came to be what they are today. 

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2022-05-30 15:00:00

Our Favorite Coins that Honor U.S. Military Members

Throughout the history of the US Mint, commemorative coins have been struck that honor those who put their lives on the line to uphold American Freedom and preserve our union. On this Memorial Day, Rare Collectibles TV would like to highlight some of our favorite designs honoring American military service members. 

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2022-05-23 16:00:00

How a Frosty Coin is Struck: Coin Cameo History

When looking at a coin, there are two basic portions that we can refer to: the devices, also known as the raised design elements, and the fields, commonly called the flat background. Although these two portions of the coin can exhibit a uniform appearance, they can also exhibit a two-toned appearance. These two tones are known as frosted, which appears as white on the devices, and mirrored, which appears as black on the fields. When a coin exhibits frosted devices and mirrored fields, it is known as Cameo contrast. Coins that exhibit stark Cameo contrast are highly sought after and generally thought of as having the highest level of eye appeal.