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2023-03-13 16:59:00

1878-CC Liberty Head Gold Eagle AU53

The 1878-CC Liberty Head in any grade is an Absolute Rarity as just 3,244 were struck. While the Carson City Mint is strongly associated with silver, this is one of the few gold issues struck in Nevada. The 1878 issue ranks at the third rarest by mintage alone, but only about 75 are known to have survived to this day. Between PCGS and NGC, only 20 examples have been graded in About Uncirculated 53 with just 2 in Mint State condition. In fact, PCGS has not certified a single example in Mint State condition. With such a low mintage and so few in this grade and finer, this 1878-CC Liberty Head Gold Eagle is not only an Absolute and Condition Rarity, but also among the finest known of the issue. 

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2022-04-18 16:00:00

"The Last Carson City Morgan Dollar": How the "CC" Mintmark Returned

The Carson City Mint only struck silver Morgan Dollars for a span of 13 years from 1878 to 1893. Due to this limited run, Morgan Dollars with the illustrious “CC” mintmark are a favorite among numismatists. Devoted Carson City collectors also seek out a rare error variety produced in 1900, sometimes referred to as "the Last Carson City Morgan Dollar."

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2022-03-07 18:00:00

Everything You Need to Know about Carson City Morgan Dollars

The Morgan Silver Dollar is the most collected coin in the history of American numismatics, and those struck at the Carson City Mint have always been the most desirable issues of the series. Although the Comstock Lode, the first major silver ore discovery in the United States, occurred just a stone’s throw away from Carson City, only a small percentage of Morgan Dollars ever bore the “CC” mintmark. From their limited availability to their connection with the American Wild Western Frontier, these coins have left collectors clamoring for well over a century. This article will equip you with all you need to know about Carson City Morgan Dollars before building your very own collection. 

2021-10-01 17:08:00

$20 1875-CC Liberty Head Double Eagle MS63 

Of all the Liberty Head Gold Double Eagles struck by the United States Mint, those produced at Carson City have gained a reputation among collectors as the finest examples for their immense rarity. In total, only about 850,000 Carson City Liberty Head Double Eagles were struck across nineteen issues. To put that into perspective, many Philadelphia and San Francisco mint issues dwarf that mintage number in just a single year of production.