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NGC Certifies Special Releases from US Mint Reserves with West Point Mint Hoard Attribution

2020-07-01 12:56:00
NGC Certifies Special Releases from US Mint Reserves with West Point Mint Hoard Attribution
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NGC Certifies Special Releases from US Mint Reserves with West Point Mint Hoard Attribution

It’s true, Rare Collectibles TV have recently added to our selection several coins from the West Point Mint Hoard!  

“This is a true once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Rare Collectibles TV to offer these West Point Hoard coins to our customers,” said Senior Coin Buyer and Host of Rare Collectibles TV Jack McNamara. “The American Silver Eagles from this special release are very popular with numismatists, and this gives a rare second chance to those who did not manage to add one to their collection.” 

The Numismatic Guarantee Corporation released this statement about the West Point Hoard coins that they have certified and will be available exclusively at Rare Collectibles TV: 

SARASOTA, Fla. (July 1, 2020) — Numismatic Guaranty Corporation® (NGC®) is excited to announce that it is certifying a stockpile of backdated gold and silver coins that were specially released by the US Mint in May. The hoard includes 2016 and 2017-dated American Silver Eagles, American Gold Eagles, First Spouse gold coins and silver medals.  
It is unusual for the US Mint to offer coins for sale several years after they were originally struck. In May, however, the US Mint sold tens of thousands of gold and silver coins from its reserves to bulk buyers.  
At the time, much of the nation’s economy had ground to a halt due to restrictions surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and demand for precious metals soared. The US Mint responded with this almost unprecedented sale of backdated coins.  
The coins include desirable issues, such as the 2016-W 30th Anniversary 1-Ounce Proof Silver Eagle, the 2017-W 1-Ounce Proof Silver Eagle, 225th Anniversary American Liberty Silver Medals and First Spouse 1/2-Ounce $10 Gold Coins. The majority of the coins in this special release have already been submitted to NGC for certification. To mark their unusual status, NGC is attributing them with designations including West Point Mint Hoard.  
For many collectors, the Silver Eagles will be the highlight of this special release. Silver Eagles, which celebrate their 35th anniversary next year, are extremely popular with both collectors and investors. NGC has certified nearly 11 million of the one ounce silver coins according to the NGC Census.  
As the effects of the coronavirus continue to be felt across the country and world, many people continue to move towards the relative safety of gold and silver. Mints and coin dealers have struggled to keep up with demand, making the sale of coins from this special release a boon for collectors and investors who are eager to expand their portfolios. NGC-certified coins with the West Point Mint Hoard designation are available exclusively from Rare Collectibles TV and other retailers. 

These special releases include the 2017(2020) West Point Mint Hoard PF70 $1 Reagan Warhol Mercanti, the 2017 4-coin Liberty Medal Set PF70, and the 2017 4-coin Liberty Medal Set Original Government Packaging. Be sure to sign up for our email updates to keep informed of new releases on Rare Collectibles TV!