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2022-05-16 17:00:00

Controversial Coins from the US Mint

Throughout the history of American coinage, there have been many stunning coins that are favored among the vast majority of numismatists. From the Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle to the Kennedy Half Dollar, artists have brought their talent to the US Mint and shared it with every American citizen. But not every coin struck is beloved by the public. The following coins have all been in some way controversial when they first debuted.

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2022-02-21 20:00:00

The Woman on the Quarter: Doris Doscher, A True Lady of Liberty

The Renaissance of American Coinage has long been celebrated in United States history for its innovative reimagining of our nation’s coinage. While the designers and coins of this generation are immortalized in the numismatic canon, the memories of those that inspired the coins are often swept away in time. One of the most iconic pieces of the renaissance period was Hermon MacNeil’s Standing Liberty Quarter, which showcased a militaristic rendition of Lady Liberty brandishing a shield in a defensive position. But who was this woman depicted on the Standing Liberty Quarter? This woman was none other than Doris Doscher, a woman whose aura has been described as “the highest type of American womanhood.” 

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2021-03-01 18:00:00

Celebrating Hermon MacNeil, Designer of the Standing Liberty Quarter

This past weekend, we celebrated the 155th anniversary of legendary American sculptor, Hermon A. MacNeil’s birth. Without MacNeil’s contributions to numismatics, our country would have never been graced with one of the most celebrated quarter designs of all time: The Standing Liberty Quarter. Like many coin designers of the American Coin Renaissance period, MacNeil had nothing to do with numismatics until he was contracted by the United States Mint.