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17 day ago
Silver Shortages Impact US Mint Production
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Silver Shortages Impact US Mint Production

As demand for bullion products and numismatic collectibles continues to grow, the US Mint has struggled to offer a steady supply. Just last week on Friday, May 28, the US Mint released a message stating that it was experiencing a shortage of silver, specifically in regard to the blank planchets required to strike coins. 

After being mined and purified into bullion, silver is turned into planchets and then struck into coinage. While in the past the US Mint handled planchet production in-house, the Mint currently relies on outside suppliers. However, as demand continues to outpace the supply of these planchets, it has become increasingly more difficult to acquire silver coinage. 

This lack of silver has severely throttled the production and availability of certain coins, such as the ever-popular American Silver Eagle. At a time when there has never been more people interested in acquiring silver coins, suppliers of planchets are struggling to keep pace due to their numerous contracts with private businesses and mints around the world. Effectively, the demand for planchets is so high that mints are unable to acquire enough for their own needs.

The small profit margins earned by metal fabricators is another compounding issue that severely limits the number of businesses that are willing to produce planchets. A high demand from various sources, combined with a low supply, has made it exponentially harder to acquire the raw materials needed to produce numismatic and bullion coins. In turn, this has made it challenging for collectors to find the new coins they seek at affordable prices. 

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