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Two new error discoveries keep collectors on their toes!

2021-11-29 18:00:00
Two new error discoveries keep collectors on their toes!
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Two new error discoveries keep collectors on their toes!

At the end of a very exciting year for new coin releases, including the 2021 Washington Crossing the Delaware Quarter as well as the 2021 Type 2 American Gold and Silver Eagles, a few more new coin varieties have been verified. 

Several weeks ago, an uncirculated 2021 American Gold Eagle with a W Mintmark had been discovered. The West Point mintmark is reserved only for Proof issue American Gold Eagles, which made this a new variety. The U.S. Mint has just announced that 7,924 examples of the 2021-W American Eagle quarter-ounce gold bullion coins were struck from an unfinished Proof obverse die. This mintage is similar to the striking error from 1999, when the Mint struck a few American Eagle tenth-ounce and quarter-ounce gold bullion coins with unfinished Proof dies. 

In a search that has taken over 40 years, another 1977-D Kennedy Half Dollar struck on a silver-copper planchet has been discovered. Only Bicentennial Kennedy Half Dollars were to be struck from 40% silver, but it is believed that several silver-copper clad planchets were shipped to the Denver Mint alongside their copper-nickel clad planchets. 

From Coin World, “Approximately a dozen examples of the silver-copper clad (40% silver) 1977-D Kennedy half dollars were known to exist before [this] discovery.” Numismatists that constantly search through rolls for varieties and errors have been rewarded time and time again. 

In a year that has seen new designs on so many important coins from the American Silver Eagle to the American Gold Eagle, we didn't expect there to be even more groundbreaking events. The discovery of these rare varieties puts an exclamation point on this already exciting year and gives us even more to look forward to in the future.