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1950 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo Everest

2023-10-11 18:13:00
1950 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo Everest

1950 Franklin Half Dollar PCGS PR66 Deep Cameo Everest

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Thursday, October 12th, 2023


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  • Mintage: 57,500
  • PCGS Population: 1/0
  • The sole finest known specimen through PCGS!
  • First year of issue for Proof Franklin Half Dollars.
  • Earlier Proof issues for the Franklin Half Dollar are the most difficult to acquire throughout the series. Rick indicates this is the result of the quality control shortly after WWII being the poorest our country has witnessed going back over 100 years!
  • In the first five years of Proof Franklin production the annual mintage figures never reached 250,000. By 1961, more than 3 million Proof Franklins were being struck each year until the series concluded in 1963.
  • Being the lowest struck issues along with the poor-quality control during this period, these factors have led to extremely low survival rates among the earliest Proof Franklins, especially in Cameo & Ultra Cameo.
  • As seen in the table above, all-in-all a little over 2% of all Proof Franklin Half Dollars struck have survived through the years and been certified by NGC.
  • Of the 366,000 Proof Franklins that have found their way into NGC slabs less than 1.5% have such deeply rich mirrored fields to be classified as Deep/Ultra Cameo!
  • Although fewer Proof Franklin Half Dollars have been certified through PCGS, the population data paints the same picture, especially for earlier dates such as the 1950 Proof Franklin Half Dollar.
  • In total PCGS has graded a little over 5,500 pieces for the 1950 Proof Frank Half Dollar, of which only 413 have been designated Cameo and just 9 examples designated Deep Cameo!