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2023-11-08 20:35:00


Rick Tomaska's Live Auction Featured Coin

Thursday, November 9th, 2023


Join our auction live at 5 PM PST / 8 PM EST

on Directv 222, Dish 85/224, and Spectrum Shop Zeal One 

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  • Mintage: 8,693,556
  • NGC Population: 1/0
  • PCGS Population: 0/0
  • Sole Finest Known Deep Mirror Prooflike Specimen!
  • The next highest graded examples are a single MS65+DMPL and a single MS65DPL.
  • Deep Mirror Prooflike examples from 1890 through 1894 are extremely difficult to locate in Gem (MS65) condition and finer.
  • Only two dozen examples exist in such condition from the over 115,000 pieces certified by PCGS & NGC in all grades combined! No business strikes are known for the 1895 Philadelphia Morgan Dollar.
  • Between the two major grading services NGC and PCGS, approximately 7.7 million Morgan Dollars have been certified in all conditions including regular issue silver dollars, those that exhibit Prooflike (PL) surfaces and even better, those that display frosty Deep Mirrored Prooflike (DMPL) surfaces.
  • Roughly 2.5% of all Morgan Dollars certified by NGC and PCGS combined are in Prooflike condition, while less than 1% show enough contrast between the frosty devices and mirrored fields to be classified as Deep Mirror Prooflike.
  • Deep Mirror Prooflike specimens are at the top of the list for collectors seeking the greatest quality examples with the utmost eye appeal. Most regular issue coins have minimal reflective fields that visibly contrast from the coin’s devices.
  • When a coin’s fields do exhibit a higher degree of reflectivity that is abnormal for the issue, the coin is said to be “Prooflike” due to being reminiscent of a Proof coin.

  • While Prooflike coins share similarities to Proof coins they cannot be mistaken for one another as the production process for each is entirely different. Prooflike coins are the result of a particularly nice, brilliant planchet being struck by new or recently polished dies.
  • The difference between Prooflike and Deep Mirror Prooflike comes down to the reflectiveness of both the obverse and reverse, as well as the contrast between the frosted devices and the mirror-like fields, in which Deep Mirror Prooflike examples are noticeably more reflective.
  • Generally accepted standards at which detailed reflection can be seen without distortion for Prooflike designation must be between two to four inches away from the coin and between six to eight inches to obtain a Deep Mirror Prooflike designation.