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1889 Morgan Dollar NGC PF68

2023-09-06 21:15:00
1889 Morgan Dollar NGC PF68

1889 Morgan Dollar NGC PF68

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Thursday, September 7th, 2023


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  • Mintage: 811
  • NGC Population: 1/0
  • PCGS Population: 2/0
  • CU Price Guide: $55,000
  • For every 1 Proof Morgan that was struck 28,000 Business Strike Morgan Dollars were minted!
  • Annual mintage figures for Proof Morgan Dollars rarely surpassed 1,000 coins during production. As such, all issues are difficult to come across, certainly in stunning PF68 condition!
  • From the roughly 14,000 standard Proof Morgan Dollars certified by NGC & PCGS combined in all grades, less than 160 are known in PF68 with just a handful in PF69.
  • Below is a census of the only dates in which a PF69 Morgan Dollar exists and the estimated price for each
  • 1x 1880 $1 PF69 Price Guide = $85,000
  • 1x 1881 $1 PF69 Price Guide = $85,000
  • 2x 1893 $1 PF69 Price Guide = $75,000
  • 1x 1898 $1 PF69 Price Guide = $86,000
  • One could argue that these estimates are heavily conservative considering none of these five PF69 examples have sold since 2005, when the 1881 realized approx. $84,000.
  • For the 1889 Proof Morgan Dollar a PF68 specimen has not traded in nearly two decades, when one of three examples traded for $34,500.
  • Around this time a PF67 traded for just under $9,000. However, since these sales a PF67 has sold as recently as 2020, for over $31,000 more than three times as much!
  • At three times the price of what an 1889 $1 PF68 sold for in January of 2006 ($34,500),one would be looking at a number over $100,000.
  • However, that is not the case with the present specimen. Rarely is there an opportunity in numismatics to acquire extremely scarce issues at a bargain, but one could argue that is exactly what is being offered here.