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1879-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS62 CAC

2023-08-30 20:28:00
1879-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS62 CAC

1879-CC Morgan Dollar NGC MS62 CAC

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  • Mintage: 756,000
  • NGC Population: 283/821
  • PCGS Population: 539/1,835
  • C.A.C. Population: 67/343
  • Largely considered the 2nd rarest Morgan Dollar struck at the Carson City Mint, behind only the 1889-CC.
  • In 1859, America’s earliest and at the time richest silver bonanza was discovered and would remain the dominating event in Nevada history for the next twenty years, the Comstock Lode.
  • This discovery led to the creation of the Carson City Branch Mint in 1863 and by 1870 the minting of silver and gold coins would commence until operations ceased indefinitely in 1893.
  • No other branch mint is comparable to the Carson City Mint when it comes to the total number of Morgan Dollars produced by the Wild West Mint.
  • Despite the massive silver deposits, Morgan Dollar production at the Carson City Mint was historically low.
  • San Francisco, New Orleans, and Philadelphia all minted well over 100 million Morgan Dollars, while the Carson City Mint struck fewer than 14 million.
  • Even the Denver Mint, which coined Morgan Dollars for one year in 1921, struck over 20 million that year!
  • The present rarity has pleasant original rustic toning on the peripheral of the obverse and reverse. Both the strike and luster are exquisite, with minor abrasions on Liberty’s cheeks.
  • It has been awarded C.A.C. approval for its superior excellence for the grade and makes for the perfect piece for a collector that seeks an authentic rarity from the historic Carson City Mint.