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1837 No Stars Large Date Seated Liberty Dime NGC MS67

2023-11-01 18:13:00
1837 No Stars Large Date Seated Liberty Dime NGC MS67

1837 No Stars Large Date Seated Liberty Dime NGC MS67

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  • Mintage: 35,334
  • NGC Population: 6/0
  • PCGS Population: 3/0
  • Collectors Universe Price Guide = $50,000
  • A MS67 example has not sold in over half a decade and has only publicly trade less than a handful of times throughout the past twenty years for an average price of approximately $30,000!
  • Besides the 1836 Gobrecht Silver Dollars, the silver dime is the first denomination to feature Christian Gobrecht’s Seated Liberty design, which was implemented on all U.S. silver coinage at some point between 1836 and 1891.
  • As mentioned above, the Seated Liberty design was the first full-figure representation of Liberty in United States Mint history and inspired future artists employed by the Mint to express Lady Liberty in different ways.
  • During the first year of issue in the Seated Liberty Dime series, the year on the obverse bore two different sized dates. The first coins produced featured a Large Date, while all subsequent issues throughout the series displayed a noticeably smaller date.

  • An additional aspect of the 1837 Seated Liberty Dimes is the omission of the stars on the obverse. The only dates in the Seated Liberty Dime series without stars are the 1837 and 1838-O issues.
  • This means that the 1837 No Stars, Large Date Seated Liberty Dimes are a true one-year type as they are the only Large Date issue without stars on the obverse, whereas the 1838-O No Stars also contains the Small Date logo type.
  • Between both the Small Date & Large Date 1837 Seated Liberty Dimes NGC & PCGS have certified approximately 1,500 coins in all grades, of which less than a dozen exist in Superb Gem (MS67) condition with none finer.
  • In fact, out of the roughly 59,000 Seated Liberty Dimes graded by NGC & PCGS throughout the entire series (1837-1891), fewer than 1,000 coins have survived in MS67 and finer condition, putting this specimen in the top 2% of all surviving Seated Liberty Dimes