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Set of 35: 1986-2021 American Silver Eagles NGC PF70UCAM Reagan Mercanti Label Excludes: 2021 Type 2

Includes every Proof issue of the Type 1 American Silver Eagle, hand signed by John Mercanti.

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Denomination Dollars
Series American Silver Eagles
Composition Silver
Year Range 1986-2021
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 70
Designation DCAM/UCAM
Certification NGC

Set of 35: 1986-2021 American Silver Eagles NGC PF70UCAM Reagan Mercanti Label Excludes: 2021 Type 2


Every day more and more collectors realize the numismatic rarity that the American Silver Eagle truly offers. While this series was viewed strictly as bullion at its onset, the perception of the iconic series has vastly changed in recent years. Over time, this series has flourished and is now widely accepted for its rarity and numismatic value. 

Initially, in 1986, proof American Silver Eagles were sold for $21 at the US Mint. Most recently, this price has jumped to $73 in 2022! These prices, however, are for coins that are ungraded with absolutely no guarantee of their condition. Prices begin to increase when a coin is graded by a third-party grading service, and they are most valuable in perfect Proof 70 Ultra Cameo condition. Many early examples of the series routinely sell for thousands of dollars in flawless condition. 

This is because the demand for American Silver Eagles far outweighs the supply. Especially when it comes to Proof 70 UCAM examples. And when collectors acquire these low population coins, they keep them in their collections and aren’t quick to resell. As days go by, fewer and fewer of these coins are on the market, making it increasingly more difficult to build a complete set in perfect condition. 

Right now, Rare Collectibles TV is offering our final complete set of heraldic eagle Proof ASEs. Each time one of these sets sells, it’s that much harder for me to put together a new one. As you read this, we’re hard at work trying to build more sets to offer you in the future, but this is no easy task. Now is the time to acquire your set!