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Set of 30: 1986-2016 American Silver Eagle NGC PF69

UCAM ECC w/ 3rd. Edition ASE Book

Proof production of the American Silver Eagle has taken place at three separate United States Mint branches. From 1986 to 1992 the San Francisco was responsible for Proof ASEs`s. In 1993, Philadelphia took over the production until 2000. Starting in 2001, the Proof production of the Silver Eagle shifted to the West Point Mint where it has taken place ever since. This stunning set contains nearly all American Silver Eagles struck in Proof from 1986 to 2016. Each of the coins belonging to this set has been graded a nearly flawless Proof 69 UCAM and has been awarded Rick Tomaska`s Exceptional Cameo Contrast seal of approval. The ECC seal is only given to coins that Rick has personally viewed and deemed to have the most appealing cameo contrast for their year and grade. As an added bonus, we have included a complementary copy of American Silver Eagles by John Mercanti and Miles Standish, which has been hand-signed by Miles Standish himself!