$50 1986 1oz American Gold Eagle NGC PF70UCAM Reagan Label

Includes: Framed Aurum 1933 FDR Executive Order

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This 1986 1oz American Gold Eagle is graded by NGC to have the highest grade possible, Proof 70. On top of the perfect grade, this example exhibits Ultra Cameo contrast as well. 1986 is the first year that the 1oz American Gold Eagle was struck, and it is also the rarest with a combined population between NGC and PCGS of only .85%! This coin, struck from 1oz of pure gold, displays the iconic design of Saint-Gaudens` Double Eagle, which is considered the most beautiful piece of American coinage ever minted. This stunning gold coin comes with a limited edition, RCTV exclusive Reagan Label in order to honor the president who signed the American Gold Eagle into legislation. As an added bonus, you will receive a complimentary copy of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt`s Executive Order 6102 on a framed 125 mg aurum sheet of 24 karat gold!