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Colt Model 1855 Small Frame Revolving Shotgun

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Dimensions Barrel: 25.5", Total: 47"
Weapon Type Shotgun
Caliber .60
Militaria Country USA

Colt Model 1855 Small Frame Revolving Shotgun


This is an incredibly rare Colt Model 1855 Small Frame Revolving 20-gauge shotgun with a five shot cylinder. This shotgun showcases unique checkering on its wrist, which is unlike other examples of the period. The top of the gun’s barrel bears the Colt nomenclature and the top of the frame is stamped with a legible, but slightly worn-out inscription of “1856.” Additionally, this gun is equipped with a walnut stock and a single small loop trigger. With all of its unique characteristics, this gun has an overall aesthetically pleasing appearance. 

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