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1964 Kennedy Half Dollar NGC PF69 Star Ultra Cameo Tomaska Signature

The finest known of the issue  

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Denomination Half Dollars
Series Kennedy Half Dollar
Composition Silver
Year 1964
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 69
Designation DCAM/UCAM, Star/Plus
Certification NGC

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar NGC PF69 Star Ultra Cameo Tomaska Signature


The Kennedy Half Dollar, designed by Frank Gasparro and Gilroy Roberts, began its mintage in 1964 and continues to be struck to this day. This specific example was struck at the Philadelphia Mint in the first year of issue, 1964, and has been graded in Proof 69 Star Ultra Cameo condition. NGC defines its star designated coins as those that have exceptional eye appeal. To add to the rarity of this stunning coin, it has been housed in Rick Tomaska’s exclusive Signature series holder. These renowned holders are only given to Kennedy Half Dollars that Rick Tomaska has inspected and deemed to exhibit the highest quality luster and eye appeal for their date and grade. As the first year of issue for Kennedy Half Dollars, these are among the most highly sought-after examples in the series. Out of every 1964-P Kennedy Half Dollar struck, only 2 examples have been graded in PF69 Star UCAM condition and only 1 of those is housed in Rick Tomaska’s Signature Series holders. As this is one of only two 1964 Kennedys in PF69 UCAM with the Star designation, this coin is not only the finest known of the issue but is also recognized as having out-of-this-world eye appeal.