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World War 1 Patriotic Poster Columbia Calls

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Art Type Posters
Originality Original
Art Date of Creation 1917
Art Width 30
Art Height 40.25
Art Grade Fine

World War 1 Patriotic Poster Columbia Calls


Offered in this lot is a propaganda poster featuring a design of the character Columbia standing atop North America bearing an American flag and a sword with the slogan 'Columbia Calls: Enlist Now for U.S. Army - Nearest Recruiting Station' and a poem in the lower right corner by Frances Adams Halsted concerning what she saw as the U.S.'s inevitable involvement with the First World War. The poster was printed by the New York Times in 1917 after Halsted submitted her poem the poster's design to the U.S. War Department after the U.S. entry into WWI earlier that year. A restored poster with good color and an overall very presentable appearance. Prior to restoration it had chips, tears, surface paper lifts from the verso, paper loss in the lower corners, few pinholes, and light stains or smudges in the borders. It displays well after touch-up to the tears, chips, stains/smudges, and lower corners after the paper loss was replaced. The touch-up to the chips and paper loss is noticeable. Grades on all restored items are pre-restoration grades.

Vintage movie artwork featured by Rare Collectibles TV. This is original movie poster artwork. This is not a reproduction.