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Wes Hunting, "Optic Crucible in Midnight"

Hand Blown Original Glass Sculpture, 9.5 x 4.25

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Art Type Glass
Originality Original
Artist Hunting, Wes

Wes Hunting, "Optic Crucible in Midnight"


Wes Hunting’s Optic series takes aspects of his Colorfield series and completely innovates them. Utilizing intense color and patterns, Wes “draws” onto the glass surface at temperatures exceeding 1,600 degrees. Much of Wes’s artistic style is his masterful rendering of the Italian glasswork technique called “millefiori,” which translates to a thousand flowers. This technique is synonymous with the glass masters of Venice and Murano, where Wes has drawn inspiration. In his Optic series, Hunting creates a thick glass crucible with a jet black rim. Embedded on the inside of the rim are a vast array of intricately detailed and vibrantly colored millefiori “flowers.” When looking into the top of this stunning Optic Crucible, the viewer is given the illusion of peering into a different world that is completely separate from their own.