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Tie-Feng Jiang, "Spring"

Hand Signed & Numbered, Framed, 36 x 36

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Art Type Serigraph
Originality Signed & Numbered
Framing Framed
Artist Jiang, Tie-Feng

Tie-Feng Jiang, "Spring"


Tie-Feng Jiang is often given credit as one of the founding members of the Yunnan School of Art in China. Jiang considers the traditional art that he has grown up with as lifeless, dull, and lacking in vitality due to its lack of colors. That is why the Yunnan School of Art is characterized by colorful imagery which is meant to tell a story. "Spring" uses a variety of stunning pink hues and depicts a group of women among the many blooming flowers of a cherry blossom tree. The branches of the tree and the limbs of the women become one and the same in this painting, making it difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Tie-Feng Jiang was born in 1938 in Ningbo, ZheJiang Province of China. Jiang`s love of art flourished at a young age and as a result, he knew that his desire in life was to create art. In 1964, Jiang graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Arts Beijing with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Shortly after his graduation, Jiang was employed by the Chinese government to create Socialist Realism propaganda from 1966 to 1973. During this time, Jiang found time to secretly paint the art that he desired even though he knew that there would be dire consequences if he was found doing so. This period of time allowed Jiang to grow and refine his style as an artist. Unhappy with the muted colors of traditional Chinese art, Jiang sought to bring life to art through vibrant colors. The influence of Jiang`s use of colors is apparent in the Yunnan school of art, which he was the founder of. In 1983, Jiang moved to California to teach art at the University of Southern California. Overtime, Jiang has become one of China`s most celebrated international artists and has exhibited many times across the United States.