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Set of 39: 2007-2016 Presidential Dollars

Gem Brilliant Proof

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Denomination Dollars
Series Commemoratives
Year Range 2007-2016
Grade Ungraded
Ungraded Score Gem Proof
Designation Price Reduced

Set of 39: 2007-2016 Presidential Dollars


As a means of celebrating the establishment of the Presidential Office, Senate passed legislation to enact the Presidential Dollar Coin Program. Beginning on January 1, 2007, this program honored each of the first 39 presidents of our glorious country in the order that they served. This was done by depicting their portraits on a newly designed dollar coin. For the next nine years, until 2016, the U.S Mint issued a new Presidential Dollar every three months. Out of every Presidential Dollar struck, less than 1% of the coins were struck in Proof. This complete set of Presidential Dollars includes 39 coins featuring all presidents in office from George Washington to Ronald Reagan.