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Set of 10: 1957 Jefferson Nickels NGC PF68

Proof 68 population significantly under 1% of total mintage

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Denomination Nickels
Series Jefferson Nickel
Composition Copper-Nickel
Year 1957
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 68
Certification NGC

Set of 10: 1957 Jefferson Nickels NGC PF68


The Jefferson Nickel, designed by Felix Schlag, was first minted in 1938. Honored on the five-cent piece for nearly 100 years, Thomas Jefferson was only the third president featured on circulation coinage. This set includes twenty examples of the 1957 Jefferson Nickel. These examples were struck in 1957 at the Philadelphia Mint and have been graded in Proof 68 condition. Proof mintages of the Jefferson Nickel have always been substantially smaller than their circulation mintages. Out of every Proof 1957 Jefferson Nickel struck, significantly less than 1% have been graded in Proof 68 condition with just 836 graded higher in Proof 69 condition.