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Norman Rockwell, "Whitewashing the Fence"

Hand Signed Lithograph, Framed, 27.5 x 32.5

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Art Type Lithograph
Originality Signed & Numbered
Framing Framed
Artist Rockwell, Norman

Norman Rockwell, "Whitewashing the Fence"


"Whitewashing the Fence" by Norman Rockwell is simply one of Rockwell`s most iconic pieces to ever be published. Depicting the classic scene in Mark Twain`s "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer," this illustration shows a conniving Tom Sawyer as he proudly deceives one of the boy`s in the neighborhood. Tom Sawyer convinces this boy that whitewashing a fence is a pleasure and proposes a trade. Before we know it, Tom acquires a hoard of treasures from boys in the neighborhood and his chore of whitewashing the fence is finished without him ever lifting a finger. Rockwell`s ability to capture both the conniving nature of Tom Sawyer and the naivet of the boy standing beside him is exemplary of his signature illustrative story telling.