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Norman Rockwell, "Grandpa and Me Suite: Raking Leaves"

Hand Signed Lithograph, Framed, 34 x 40

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Art Type Lithograph
Originality Signed & Numbered
Framing Framed
Artist Rockwell, Norman

Norman Rockwell, "Grandpa and Me Suite: Raking Leaves"


Norman Rockwell`s "Grandpa and Me Suite" is a four part series that depicts a grandson and grandfather spending quality time together. Each of the four pieces in this series represents a season. In the piece "Raking Leaves," Rockwell portrays what an ideal autumn with your loving grandfather might look like. Rockwell believed that even though the world may not be ideal, that we should always be able to see what an ideal world would look like. In this stunning piece, a young boy lights a match over a pile of leaves that he and his grandfather have raked. Meanwhile, his grandfather looks yearningly to the migrating geese flying overhead. This nostalgic autumn scene reminds us of our caretakers and the impact that they had on the magical time of youth in our lives.