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Morgan Dollar 1878 Collector`s Dream Year Set

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Denomination Dollars
Series Morgan Dollar
Composition Silver
Year 1878
Mint Philadelphia (P)
Grade Ungraded
Ungraded Score Brilliant Uncirculated

Morgan Dollar 1878 Collector`s Dream Year Set


With six different varieties in just one year, the 1878 Morgan Dollar is what we would consider to be a collector`s dream come true. We have taken the time to locate each of the six varieties and compile them into a beautiful set just for you.

As part of this set you will receive the original 1878 8 Tail Feathers design, which was changed to a 7 Tail Feather design midyear due to the fact that eagles on U.S. coinage had always been depicted with 8 feathers. While changing the dies from 8 tail feathers to 7 tail feathers, there was a mint error, which resulted in some coins being struck with both the 8 tail feather and 7 tail feathers die. This doubling of the feathers is the second variety of the set. The remainder of the Morgan Dollar series contained the new 7 Tail Feathers design, the 1878 7 Tail Feathers design is the third coin of the set. Part way through the production of 1878 Morgan Dollars, the reverse was redesigned, creating the fourth variety, which can be observed through the feathers of the arrows in the eagle`s talons, which were changed from being straight to being slanted. The final two varieties of the set are the 1878-CC and the 1878-S Morgan dollars.