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Guillaume Azoulay, "Carousel"

Hand Signed & Numbered Etching, Unframed, 22 x 30

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Art Type Paintings
Originality Signed & Numbered
Framing Unframed
Artist Azoulay, Guillaume

Guillaume Azoulay, "Carousel"


Guillaume Azoulay is the youngest artist to be admitted into the Louvre’s permanent collection. He has focused his entire career on the most basic component of art: the line. The results of his work are absolutely stunning, as they prove that even a simple line can be manipulated into becoming an intricate and complex work of art. Azoulay’s “Carousel” masterfully showcases his uncanny ability to produce a jaw dropping etching using just lines. In this stunning work of art, Azoulay fuses his two favorite subjects: women and horses. Generally, Azoulay depicts a single subject in a piece of work, showcasing the countour and shape of their body. In this piece however, Azoulay arranges multiple subjects into a perfect circle, effectively fusing them all together and creating one new subject.