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Ferjo, "Charming Entry"

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 23.5 x 27.5

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Art Type Paintings
Originality Original
Framing Framed
Artist Ferjo

Ferjo, "Charming Entry"


Fernando de Jesus Oliviera, more commonly known as Ferjo, often blurs the lines between dream and reality through his surreal depictions of abandoned interior spaces. His painting "Charming Entry," is no different as it is rife with Ferjo`s signature symbolic depictions of floating strawberries, eggs, pencils, butterflies, and fish. As a means of paying homage to the great artists before him, Ferjo incorporates an iconic Picasso painting of a reclining woman.

Fernando de Jesus Oliveira, more commonly known as Ferjo, was born in 1946 in Salvador, Brazil. At a young age, when most children were out in the streets playing soccer, Ferjo stayed in doors to draw. At the age of 8, Ferjo declared to himself that his destiny was to become an artist. Without any classical training as a child, Ferjo was forced to refine his talent using his own artistic intuition. This resulted in a distinct style that continues to define Ferjo to this day. It wasn`t until Ferjo turned 20 years old that he began seeking classical training at the Federal Art School of Salvatore. By 1974, he had received the esteemed Crescent Scholarship to the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts and moved to Philadelphia. Ferjo`s artwork is characterized by his ability to merge stunning works of realism with imaginative surrealist dreamscapes. Often Ferjo pays homage to the masters that have inspired him by incorporating renditions of their paintings into his own. These artists include Dali, Picasso, Chagall, Lichtenstein, Magritte, and many more. Today, Ferjo is one of the most recognized artists around the world. Among his many accomplishments is the renowned New York Council for the Arts Award for Excellence.