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Eyvind Earle, "Winter Barnyard"

Hand Signed & Numbered Serigraph, Unframed, 23 x 48

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Art Type Serigraph
Originality Signed & Numbered
Framing Unframed
Artist Earle, Eyvind

Eyvind Earle, "Winter Barnyard"


Eyvind`s collection of Barnyard paintings and their serigraph editions are some of the most sought-after works he has created. The architectural detail showcased in the Barnyard pieces are a perfect example of the art movement he became synonymous with - designed realism. "Winter Barnyard", released in 1991, was the last Barnyard piece Eyvind decided to create, after all of the others had sold out.

Born in 1916, Eyvind Earle began his prolific career at the young age of 10. His dedication to the arts was inspired by his father, who challenged Eyvind to either read 50 pages of a book or to paint a picture every day. Eyvind chose both. His first solo show was at the age of 14 and gained him instant attention. At the age of 21, he rode a bicycle cross-country, from California to New York. During this trip he continued to paint regularly and was able to sell 42 watercolors along the way. To conclude this trip, Eyvind ended with a solo show at the Charles Morgan gallery in New York. Just two years later, another solo show completely sold out and as a result, the Metropolitan Museum of Art purchased one of his paintings for their permanent collection. In 1951, Earle began work at what he considered "the greatest art school in the whole world," Walt Disney Studios. There he worked as a background painter, designing and creating the backgrounds for iconic animated films such as "Sleeping Beauty." Earle`s imaginative and illustrative style has captured the hearts of admirers around the world. With a 70 year long legacy that involves painting, writing poetry, and innovating the art of serigraphy, Earle has eternally made his mark in the art world.