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$1 1879-P Morgan Dollar NGC PF68 Star CAM


Proof Morgan Dollars are hard enough to find in any grade, but this 1879-P Morgan Dollar in PF68 Star CAM is the single finest known example of this year. Not only that, but this coin comes from the legendary collection of the famous Jack Lee, who was known for having the finest collection of Morgan Dollars ever assembled. Although 1879 Morgans are notorious for being poorly struck, this example exhibits such a clean strike that it is practically unbelievable. Even the ear of Liberty, which is the most difficult area to obtain a clean strike on is completely clear. This coin may be nearly 150 years old, but judging from the clean strike, snowy devices and reflective mirrors, you would expect this coin to have been struck just yesterday! As if this coin was not impressive enough, to tie it all together it has received both an Everest seal and a Star rating!
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