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Adriana Naveh, "Admiring Life"

Original Acrylic on Canvas, Framed, 35 x 27

Product Code: NAV1001
Adriana Naveh`s "Admiring Life" employs her signature use of large, simple strokes of a palette knife and earthy, rich colors in order to contrast with neutral backdrops. Mixing imagery of a non-descript woman thoughtfully staring out of her home`s window into the city, Naveh creates an emotional piece which is both introspective and serene.

Adrianna Naveh, born in Mendoza, Argentina, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts at the De Cuyo University in Argentina. At the age of 22, Naveh immigrated to Israel to study etching and drawing at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv. This experience led her to work with famous artists, including Jan Rauchwerger. From 1989 to 2004, Naveh was employed as an artist in Calman Shemi`s studio. Currently she teaches illustration while working with numerous international art galleries and participating in different exhibitions. Naveh`s most recent works exemplify her innovative take on painting by using large sheets of aluminum as her canvases. The contrast between the rich earthy tones of Argentina and the often sterile colors of the cityscape of Tel Aviv collide in Adrianna Naveh`s paintings to create a unique narrative of her own. By fusing bright, warm colors, the often chaotic coldness of city life, and paint strokes made by large palette knives, Naveh brings a sense of tranquility to an otherwise disorganized space.