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Adriana Naveh, "Wonderful New York"

Acrylic on Plexiglass, Framed, 46.25 x 24.5

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Art Type Paintings
Originality Original
Framing Framed
Artist Naveh, Adriana

Adriana Naveh, "Wonderful New York"


“Wonderful New York” by Adriana Naveh is an innovative original painting depicted on a large sheet of plexiglass. With a sizable portion of this artwork being composed of black, this painting strays away from Naveh’s traditional use of warm, vibrant colors. In this piece, Naveh depicts what appears to be two separate scenes that work with each other to provide a stunning and complex depiction of life in New York. In the foreground, a solitary woman is seen wandering through the streets. By surrounding this figure in black, Naveh separates the woman from the background, creating a feeling of isolation. In the background, numerous skyscrapers come together to create a sense of uniformity.