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44 Star United States Flag (1891-1896) Price Reduced!!

Price Reduced - Save 20% - Normally $895


Rare 44 Star Flag only flown for 5 years beginning with the inclusion of Wyoming into the union. Excellent condition, no rips or tears.

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Dimensions 5ft x 8ft
Militaria Country USA
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44 Star United States Flag (1891-1896) Price Reduced!!



  • 5 ft. x 8ft. dimensions
  • Stars are configured in rows of 8-7-7-7-7-8, with the top and bottom rows offset so that they resemble a broad hourglass.
  • Stars are hand-sewn, made of cotton, and double-appliquéd (applied to both sides).
  • The stripes and canton are made of wool bunting.
  • There is a twill cotton binding along the hoist with two brass grommets.
  • There are 13 stripes representing the 13 original colonies.


  • The 44-star flag represents the inclusion of Wyoming to the Union.
  • Wyoming was admitted on July 10th, 1890, and this flag became official on July 4th, 1891.
  • Flag flew for 5 years from 1891-1896.
  • The Presidents to serve under this flag were Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893) and Grover Cleveland (1893-1897)
  • According to the Third Flag Act, enacted by Congress on April 4, 1818, stars were to be added on Independence Day following a state's addition.
  • The 44-star flag is relatively rare as a result of it being used after the Centennial, but before the Spanish American War.
  • The official flag for five years up until July 4th, 1896, the time at which the 45-star flag became official and began to represent the inclusion of Utah in the Union.