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Wes Hunting, "Colorfield Vessel with Melon Interior"

Hand Blown Original Glass Sculpture, 12 x 16.5

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Art Type Glass
Originality Original
Artist Hunting, Wes

Wes Hunting, "Colorfield Vessel with Melon Interior"


Wes Hunting’s Colorfield series began in 1984 and has evolved into the present work today. The title “colorfield” refers to the intense color and patterns which Wes “draws” onto the glass surface at temperatures exceeding 1,600 degrees. Much of Wes’s artistic style is his masterful rendering of the Italian glasswork technique called “millefiori”, which translates to a thousand flowers. This technique is synonymous with the glass masters of Venice and Murano, where Wes has drawn inspiration. This original hand-blown glass vessel showcases a background of thick verdurous green and royal purple hues. Interspersed among these vibrant colors are blossoming millefiori “flowers,” which range in colors from frosty white to sunset orange to deep ocean blue.