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Wes Hunting, "Colorfield Jar in Aqua"

Hand Blown Original Glass Sculpture, 13 x 7.5

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Art Type Glass
Originality Original
Artist Hunting, Wes

Wes Hunting, "Colorfield Jar in Aqua"


Wes Hunting`s Colorfield series began in 1984 and has evolved into the present work today. The title "colorfield" refers to the intense color and patterns which Wes "draws" onto the glass surface at temperatures exceeding 1,600 degrees. Much of Wes`s artistic style is his masterful rendering of the Italian glasswork technique called "millefiori", which translates to a thousand flowers. This technique is synonymous with the glass masters of Venice and Murano, where Wes has drawn inspiration. This spherical addition to the colorfield jar series showcases a seafoam green backdrop, which appears as an ocean for the intricate millefiori patterns to float in.

From an early age, Wes Hunting knew his destiny was to become an artist. For Hunting, the first step in this process was to study painting at Kent State University in 1976. At this time, Hunting was working as a groundskeeper at Hale Farm where he was instructed to help in their glass shop. Before Hunting knew it, his newly found love of glass blowing had influenced his artistic views, causing him to change his major to Glass Arts. In 1980, Hunting continued his journey into glass by attending the Penland School of Crafts where he worked with Rick Bernstein and Richard Ritter. Now, with over 40 years of experience in glass art, Hunting has perfected his abstract interpretation of glass art. In order to create his works, Hunting paints intricate designs into molten hot glass, effectively using slabs of glass as canvases to display his art. Throughout his career, Hunting has taught at 9 universities and exhibited glass art at the White House as well as 12 different national and international museums.