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Stunning 12 Morgan Silver Dollar Collection BU

Includes: 1878-P 7TF, 1879-O, 1879-P, 1881-P, 1882-P, 1887-O, 1890-O, 1890-P, 1891-P, 1897-S, 1903-P, and 1921-S Morgan Dollars BU


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Denomination Dollars
Series Morgan Dollar
Composition Silver
Grade Ungraded
Ungraded Score Brilliant Uncirculated
Certification Uncertified

Stunning 12 Morgan Silver Dollar Collection BU


This Stunning Twelve Morgan Dollar Collection is an eclectic set of coins, each of which is in Brilliant Uncirculated condition. This remarkable collection includes Morgan Dollars struck at three of the five mints that produced the series as well as in all five decades that the series was produced. With such a diverse grouping of Morgan Dollars, this set is perfect for numismatists trying to begin their Morgan collection. Included in this set of stunning coins are illustrious issues such as the 1878-P 7 Tail Feather, the 1897-S, and the 1921-S Morgan Dollars. As the first year of issue for the series, the 1878-P 7 Tail Feather Morgan Dollar is a necessity for any collection. The perfect companion coin to the first year of issue is the 1921-S as it is the final year in which this iconic coin series was struck. Known for its intricate strike and radiant luster, the 1897-S is cherished as a must-have Morgan Dollar. To tie it all together, these stunning Morgan Dollars will come housed in a beautiful wooden collector’s case.

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