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Set of 7: Iconic Lincoln Cents

Includes the 1909-P VDB, 2019-W and 2019-W Reverse Proof, and all three mintmark 1943 Steel Cents  

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Denomination Cents
Series Lincoln Cent
Designation Condition Rarity

Set of 7: Iconic Lincoln Cents


The Lincoln Cent, designed by Victor David Brenner, began its mintage in 1909 and continues to be minted to this day.  Throughout  the history of American numismatics, the Lincoln Cent has gone through  several major changes.  In the first year of issue, Lincoln Cents were struck with the designer's initials, VDB, on the reverse.  Included in this set is a 1909-P VDB Lincoln Cent graded in Mint State 65 RD condition. Following a copper shortage  during WWII,  the U.S. Mint struck only three steel Lincoln cent issues. Coming from the Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco Mints, the three 1943 steel cents included in this set are each graded in stunning Mint State 67 condition.  In 2019, for the first time in the history of the United States, the West Point Mint struck its ''W'' mintmark onto Lincoln Cents. This monumental occasion occurred to celebrate the 110th anniversary of Victor David Brenner's Lincoln Cent design. To honor the designer of the Lincoln Shield Cent's reverse, only  1,500  examples  of the 2019-W  Reverse  Proof graded  PF69RD  and  550  examples of the  2019-W  Uncirculated  graded  MS68RD  are signed by Lyndall Bass.  With each coin in this set considered a Condition Rarity, this is a fantastic way to start a collection of  iconic  Lincoln Cents.