Set of 5: 1878-S - 1882-S Morgan Silver Dollars MS65

Bonus Morgan Silver Dollar Book Signed By Miles Standish

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Denomination Dollars
Series Morgan Dollar
Composition Silver
Mint San Francisco (S)
Grade Mint State
Mint State Score MS 65
Certification PCGS, NGC

Set of 5: 1878-S - 1882-S Morgan Silver Dollars MS65


This stunning set of the first five San Francisco Morgan Dollars has been personally assembled by Rick Tomaska. Today we have these beautiful coins in Mint State 65. The rarest coin in this spectacular set is the 1878-S, which is the first year of issue for the Morgan Silver Dollar Series. The San Francisco Mint is known for its attention to detail when striking Morgan Dollars, and as a result, S-Mint Morgans like these are known to have some of the most intricate strikes in the entire series!  

The Morgan Silver Dollar was put into production due to the Bland-Allison Act of 1878, which required the U.S. Treasury to purchase two to four million dollars of silver every month. This silver was all to be used in order to strike new silver coinage. The Bland-Allison Act was initially passed in order to make use of the enormous quantities of silver that were found in deposits out west, such as the famous Comstock Lode.

The Morgan Silver Dollar, designed by George T. Morgan, was minted from 1878 to 1904 and was struck for one final year in 1921. Morgan felt that the previous images of Liberty did not have qualities reminiscent of American women. As a result of this belief, he asked school teacher, Anna Williams to model for the obverse of his famous coin. The reverse depicts of the coin depicts Morgan’s rendition of a heraldic eagle. Although at the time of striking the Morgan Dollar was not popular, it has since become America’s most popular silver coin to collect! Add this beautiful set of San Francisco Mint Morgan Silver Dollars to your collection in MS65 condition for only $1,595!