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Set of 4: 2019-S Kennedy Enh Rev PF70 & 3 2019-S Apollo 11

Clad Commemorative Half Dollars NGC PF70UCAM

Product Code: C6820
This set of four stunning Apollo 11 50th Anniversary coins contains one Kennedy Half Dollar and three Apollo 11 Commemorative Half Dollars, all graded a perfect PF70 UCAM by NGC. As a means of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the U.S. Mint has struck 100,000 2019-S Enhanced Reverse Proof Kennedy Half Dollars. The production of this rare coin marks the first time in American history that a half dollar has been struck with an Enhanced Reverse Proof finish. In addition, 750,000 Commemorative Half Dollars were struck. The obverse of this coin has a concave surface which depicts the first foot print that was imprinted onto the moon by American astronaut Neil Armstrong. The reverse has convex surfaces and showcases a closeup of the iconic photograph titled Buzz Aldrin on the Moon. In this rendition of the photo, Neil Armstrong, the American Flag, and the Apollo 11 lunar module are seen reflected in the helmet of American astronaut Buzz Aldrin.

To celebrate the monumental feat of landing a man on the moon, NGC has created four special labels, each with a limited 1,000 created. These labels celebrate four of the most important days regarding the moon landing and are titled "Declaration," Launch," "Landing," and "Splashdown." Each set of coins will come with each of these four labels and will have been graded on the anniversary of that exact day in history.

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