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Set of 4: 1879-S - 1882-S Morgan Dollars MS65

Includes: 1879-S, 1880-S, 1881-S, 1882-S Morgan Dollars MS65

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Denomination Dollars
Series Morgan Dollar
Composition Silver
Mint San Francisco (S)
Grade Mint State
Mint State Score MS 65
Designation Condition Rarity
Certification PCGS, NGC

Set of 4: 1879-S - 1882-S Morgan Dollars MS65


This set of stunning Morgan Dollars includes the 1879-S to 1882-S Morgan Dollars, struck at the San Francisco Mint, all in stunning Mint State 65 condition. When it comes to the production quality of early Morgan Dollar issues, the San Francisco Mint is second to none. Showcasing the most intricately detailed strikes and lustrous surfaces, early issue ''S'' mintmark Morgan Dollars are renowned for their premium eye appeal and outstanding quality. The 1879-S to 1882-S Morgan Dollars are particularly known for their excellent strikes and lustrous surfaces. With Mint State 65 populations lower than 1% of each their respective mintages, these coins are tremendous Condition Rarity.