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Set of 20: 1957 Roosevelt Dimes NGC PF68

Twenty  Roosevelt Dimes struck from 90% pure silver  

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Denomination Dimes
Series Roosevelt Dime
Composition Silver
Year 1957
Grade Proof
Proof Score PF 68
Designation Condition Rarity
Certification NGC

Set of 20: 1957 Roosevelt Dimes NGC PF68


The Roosevelt Dime, designed by John R. Sinnock, began mintage in 1946 and continues to be minted today. This set of twenty Roosevelt Dimes was  struck in 1957 at the Philadelphia Mint and graded in Proof 68 condition. Composed of 90% pure silver, these stunning coins honor America's 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Out of all 1957-P Roosevelt Dimes struck, significantly less than 1% have been graded in PF68 condition. With such a low Proof 68 population, these 1957-P Roosevelt Dimes  are tremendous Condition Rarities.