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Set of 2: Lincoln Cent Major Off Center & Broadstruck

Mint Error Various Dates NGC BU

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Denomination Cents
Series Error Coins
Composition Zinc
Mint Philadelphia (P)
Grade Ungraded
Ungraded Score Brilliant Uncirculated
Designation Mint Error
Certification NGC

Set of 2: Lincoln Cent Major Off Center & Broadstruck


There are a variety of errors that can occur when striking a coin. Two of the most popular types of error coins to collect are Off Center and Broadstrike coins. An Off Center Coin occurs when a planchet is improperly fed into the collar and a Broadstrike Coin occurs when the collar of a coin is improperly sized. Coins that exhibit errors like these are generally caught by the mint and never enter circulation, but every once in a while some error coins manage to be released. This set of Lincoln Cents includes one Off Center example and one Broadstrike example, both graded Brilliant Uncirculated by NGC.