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Set of 11: 1878-CC - 1891-CC GSA Morgan Dollars NGC MS63

Near Complete set of CC Morgan Dollars

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Denomination Dollars
Series Morgan Dollar
Composition Silver
Mint Carson City (CC)
Grade Mint State
Mint State Score MS 63
Certification NGC

Set of 11: 1878-CC - 1891-CC GSA Morgan Dollars NGC MS63


The Morgan Dollar, designed by George T. Morgan, was minted from 1878 to 1904 and for one final year in 1921. Among the most popular coins to come from the Morgan Dollar series, are those which were struck at the legendary Carson City Mint of the Wild West. With Morgan Dollar production at Carson City only taking place from 1878 to 1893, these coins are among the scarcest in the entire series. In fact, out of all Morgan Dollars ever struck, the Carson City Mint only produced 2% of the coins. This nearly complete set of Carson City Morgan Dollars includes eleven of the thirteen CC mintmark coins of the series, all in Mint State 63 condition. With low mintages of only 296,000 and 228,000 coins, the 81-CC and 85-CC Morgan Dollars are two of the lowest minted coins in the entire Morgan Dollar series. To add to the prestige of this illustrious set, all eleven of the coins will be housed in their original GSA packaging, just as they were auctioned off when they were released from the government hoards.