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Set of 9: Carson City Mint Morgan Dollar Collection


Since the inception of the Morgan Silver Dollar in 1878, the Carson City struck examples have been some of the most sought after coins in the entire series. Each of the nine Morgan Dollars included in this set is graded Mint State 63 and was minted at the legendary Carson City Mint of the wild west. Of all of these coins, the stand out rarities are the 1881-CC with a mintage of just 296,000 and the 1885-CC with a low mintage of only 228,000. Included in this set is also the 1878-CC, which is the first year that the Morgan Silver Dollar was ever issued, making this a great set to start a collection with.

The nine Morgan Dollars included in this set are the following: 1878-CC, 1880-CC, 1881-CC, 1882-CC, 1883-CC, 1884-CC, 1885-CC, 1890-CC, 1891-CC
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